R.S D'Clark

b. 1995

Rayvenn Shaleigha D'Clark is a London-born UK based sculptor,

living and working in Central London.




In recent years her work has begun to explores the 'playful' theatricality of sculpture, with an extended analysis of the material quality of sculptural objects in a larger discussion of ‘Objecthood’, She increasingly analyses the characteristics of art-making following the affirmation of media, examining the kinds of ‘conversations’ that arise as a result of such critical questioning, and an attempt to make art that actually speaks of the unusual position of the socio-political climate in which we mature as both artists and individuals.

Her oeuvre exposes the black body laid bare – in traction, unencumbered, motivated by issues surrounding the  black body - gendered or otherwise - fuelling a discussion of the irregular position of the black-artist who remains abstracted and marginalised in a male, pale, and stale, whitewashed art-world. This has seen her work becoming embedded in the everyday, collective experience. In the presentation of larger installations - engendering  the creation of objects that are explicit in their political undertones and personal narrative commentary, whilst polarised in their more covert, playful and subtle methods of installation and display. 

Currently working out of Chelsea UAL, as her body of work progresses she is becoming more concerned with the idea of the sculptural format as a mechanism to examine the space between objects modelling the real and its ability to usurp the ‘original’ as self-sustaining fictions & the critical questions that arise from such figurative practices and processes.

Alongside personal, independent projects, since graduate from her bachelors degree in July 2017 Rayvenn has been actively building her portfolio and CV, which includes an ongoing collaboration with MiAL (Made in Arts London) as well working, collaborating and exhibiting in a number of group shows nationally and internationally. This has also seen Rayvenn become a regular panel presenter / speaker at a number of events throughout 2018.

As of October 2017 she progressed onto a one-year MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL) - with the aim to go on to complete a PhD - having previously successfully completed a 3-year BA in Fine Art and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from Central Saint Martins three years prior.

She is also an Associate Artist for Fevered Sleep, works as a Junior Editor for Shades of Noir, Head of Creative (AoCA, Alumni of Colour Association, UAL) as well as plays an active role in generating written content for Shades of Noir & publications within the UAL Community.


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