Portrait (2019), courtesy of Sharon Douglas (inky_grey_photography)

b. 1995

Digital Sculptor, Writer & Curator

My practice explores the digital hybridity of sculpture following the affirmation of media, exploring the nuances of identity that pivot between hyper-visibility and invisibility, offering (re-)imagined collective perspective.

My work chronicles the elevated reframing of black anatomy - unencumbered, in traction - the mediation between three-dimensional processes alongside the handmade aesthetic within an extended analysis of ‘Objecthood’; the resulting objects emerge contextually abstracted from traditional representational aesthetics - embedded in the everyday, collective experience through methods of display. Such ideological positioning shifts the normative function of figurative practices within this mode of self-referential questioning, which engenders a self-sustaining (non-) fiction rooted in authenticity and criticality that allows audiences to break free from reference once and for all in a new form of hybrid realism.

RSD is Junior Editor and ToR Development Lead for Shades of Noir, Head of Creative (AoCA, Alumni of Colour Association, UAL), curates the On.The.Cusp.Of Exhibition Series, is currently training to be an Associate Lecturer in Art, Design and Communications, UAL (Present-January 2021) and currently engaged on the ArtQuest Assist Programme as an ‘Artist-Assistant’ alongside Barbara Asante.